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Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. is a locally owned bar and brewery in Tucson, Arizona. Situated downtown, Crooked Tooth offers a range of craft beers brewed in-house using local ingredients. With a passion for their craft and a passion for the community, they welcome people of all walks and creeds to spend some time enjoying the day with them. This conceptual rebranding focuses on creating a visual identity that more accurately expresses the personality and values of Crooked Tooth.


Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. is named for their mantra, “like a crooked tooth, be yourself and relish what makes you different”. This logo is designed with their lounge and taproom in mind - a rustic industrial vibe unique to the bar scene in downtown Tucson.

Crooked Tooth's logo looks great on distressed wood Crooked Tooth uses branded glassware in the bar


Each one of Crooked Tooth’s beers is uniquely crafted and served with pride. These bottle labels capture the personality of each distinct flavor.

consistent branding is important for consumer recognition colors and names vary, but the look of each bottle wrapper is the same Crooked Tooth brand items are easily recognizable

Direct Mail

Crooked Tooth enjoys inviting local musicians to play in their taproom, much to the delight of their customers. This direct mailer is designed to generate awareness and interest in Crooked Tooth’s events.

direct mail is an integral part of Crooked Tooth's advertising reaching customers at home with news of events


Highlighting Crooked Tooth’s line of craft beers, this web design offers users a simple interface that allows for quick navigation.

Crooked Tooth's web page uses a clean layout and whitespace to emphasize the brand