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The Flycatcher promotes local artists in the Tucson area

The Flycatcher

Branding | Ad Campaign | Mobile App

The Flycatcher is a locally owned bar and music venue in Tucson, Arizona that hosts small scale, intimate concerts featuring a variety of bands. The concept behind this project is to rebrand and advertise for the venue’s upcoming reopening. The new look is designed to appeal to new and old customers and acknowledges the bar’s namesake with a simple but strong splash of color.


The Flycatcher is named for the Vermillion Flycatcher, a local bird with dark wings and bright red head and chest and a appears in their current logo. This redesign simplifies the design to an impactful wordmark that acknowledges The Flycatcher's namesake with a strong splash of color.

The Flycatcher is able to sell and give away branded t-shirts and other accessories The Flycatcher's new logo stands out on the club's coasters

Print & Web Campaign

Highlighting The Flycatcher’s unique informal and close-quarters stage, the ad campaign is designed to be versatile across multiple applications including a full-page magazine ad, a bus shelter ad, and social media.

large-sized print ads bring the club to life out on the street Social media ads are an important part of The Flycatcher's campaign Bus shelter ads are meant to be seen from a moving vehicle

Mobile App

In order to be more appealing to the target audience, a mobile app was conceptualized and designed. Previously, tickets for shows and events were purchased through a third-party site. With this app, users will be able to purchase tickets directly from The Flycatcher, browse upcoming events, and keep track of shows they’re interested in.

an immersive mobile experience is essential for The Flycatcher's customers