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The Foundation of Cultueral Diversity serves the Tucson area

The Foundation of Cultural Diversity

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The Foundation of Cultural Diversity is a fictional non-profit whose goal is to unify Tucson's community. They provide educational programs and workshops that allow people to experience and learn about the diverse cultures that enrich our city. The FCD wants to reach members of the community who are unaware of their relationship to the community and feel disconnected from the city. The goal for this project is to increase awareness in the community as well as the level of education regarding the cultures in Tucson.


In order to communicate The Foundation of Cultural Diversity's mission of unity, a symbol of the sun is incorporated into the identity. The city of Tucson is home to a variety of cultures and people of all backgrounds. Regardless of their differences, they are one community living under the same sun.


The Foundation of Cultural Diversity's website offers viewers a complete look at who the organization is and what they value. In being transparent about their goals, the FCD hopes to encourage members of the community to engage with them.

the FOCD website highlights upcoming events and celebrations the website gives a clear reading of the mission statement and gives visitors a chance to meet the staff The Foundation's website contains an active blog where readers can keep up with events and get to know the partners


The monthly newsletter highlights community events and local efforts to connect Tucson.

The Foundation of Cultural Diversity prints a monthly newsletter for local distribution and mailing the newsletter highlights local partners and upcoming events with different focuses each month, the newsletter needs to feel both familiar and new