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Youth on Their Own
Haven specalizes in catering to the local skaing community


Branding | E-Commerce Site

Haven Skate Shop is a lifestyle shop located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Centered around skate culture, Haven offers a variety of items including skateboards, apparel, and artwork from local artists. This conceptual rebranding focuses on reconnecting Haven with their customers.


Haven’s identity has been updated to include a mark recognizable by skaters as elements of skating and a color scheme that resonates with Haven’s customers.

Clothing and accessories with Haven's colors and logo. Boards and other equipment also carry the Haven logo.


With so much shopping done online, it was important that Haven’s online store be accessible and appealing to its customers.

Online purchases are a significant portion of Haven's revenue.

Skate Spot

An additional function conceptualized for Haven’s website, is the Skate Spot. Designed for skaters on-the-go, it allows users to find new places to skate in Albuquerque.

mobile communication is an important aspect of Haven's customer relations.