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Youth on Their Own is an outreach program that helps homeless youths to graduate from High School

Youth on Their Own

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Youth On Their Own is a non-profit, dropout prevention agency that was founded and operates in Tucson, Arizona. The organization works with homeless teens, providing financial assistance, basic needs, and guidance, in order to help them graduate high school. Their mission is to help create a stronger community by enabling youth to grow into self-sufficient adults. To date, Youth on Their Own has helped more than 200 teens graduate. The goal for this project is to increase awareness of the program and encourage people to donate.

Social Media

The social media campaign is designed to be versatile across multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Instagram ads are an important part component of Youth on Their Own's outreach. mobile ads reach potential students

Landing Page

The landing page includes an infographic describing how financial donations support local teens. From here, users can donate, sign up to receive newsletters through email, or continue learning about Youth On Their Own through the provided links.

Community donations are essential to Youth on Their Own. All web pages are designed to adapt for mobile display.


The newsletter keeps users up-to-date on Youth On Their Own events and invites them to participate in the continued success of the program's participants.

E-Newsletters keep donors, volunteers, and students informed of events and goals. E-Newsletters need to be easy to read on the go from mobile devices.